Marine Power International FZC is appointed as “Master” distributor by TDI. TDI is a division of GE Aviation.

TDI pioneered turbine air starters for reciprocating engines in 1979 by delivering reliable performance in the world’s harshest environments. TDI is a leader in the manufacturing of sophisticated custom rotating devices

TDI is OEM for Wartsila (W20 and W26),  Himsen 21/32 and Yanmar engines and is recognized worldwide by engine builders for building highly reliable starters for reciprocating engines

MPI keeps ready stock of ~Euro 100k of fast-moving starters and repair kits for popular models (TDI 45MA, 50P, T112B, T112V, T50Y etc.)

MPI offers full service/ refurbishment capability and also an exchange package for popular models of Air starters

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