Water in Oil sensors


MPI is authorized Sales & Service partner for Dr. E. Horn in Middle East

Dr. Horn offers an excellent Water in Oil sensor for online monitoring of Water in oil.
It may be especially useful for measurement of water activity in,
Lubricating oil for 2 & 4 stroke engines, compressors, gear boxes and turbine.
Hydraulic oil in all machines using pressure up to 10 bar.

Main Features

  • The sensor is suitable for detection of water penetration in a hydraulic oil or lubricating oil circuit.
  • It measures the saturation of the oil nearly independent from the oil type and oil age.
  • Takes the oil temperature into consideration in order to measure the saturation
    Easy to install and use
  • Early warning by using pre alarm and alarm contacts
  • Cost effective online measurement

Working Principle of WiO sensor

Working principle of the sensor is a capacitive measurement of the water content in the oil. The physically measured
value is called “water activity” (aw = water activity).

The saturation point of the oil depends on the temperature and other various factors, such as on its composition,
whether mineral or synthetic, the addition of additives and also changes with the aging of the oil.

The sensor measures the content of dissolved water in oil and triggers an alarm as soon as the water content, which
had been set before as PAV (Pre Alarm Value 0.5aw) or MAV (Main Alarm Value 0.9aw), is exceeded.

Sensors with 4 – 20 mA output for the AW-value and the temperature are available.

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