IMES – Engine Condition Monitoring Systems

Marine Power International (MPI) is an authorized sales representative for IMES – Cylinder Pressure Sensors, Peak Pressure Indicators and Engine Condition Monitoring Systems. IMES pressure indicators are available for measurement of cylinder pressure on 2- stroke and 4-stroke engines and for Gas Engine balancing. These can record cylinder pressure values on a maximum of 20 cylinders on 2- stroke diesel engines operating at speeds of 40 to 300 rpm and on 4-stroke medium and high-speed diesel or gas engines with speeds from 200 to 1500 rpm.

No TDC sensor or software dongle is required and data can be downloaded in the computer for generating reports.

The following reports are available:

  • – Pmax & Pcomp for individual cylinders and balance diagram
  • – Derivative curve showing rate of change of pressure
  • – Beginning of Ignition
  • – Pressure Volume diagram
  • – IPOWER- and IMEP calculations
  • – IMEP & IMEP balance diagram
  • – Engine report showing deviation beyond permitted limits for the above parameters
  • – Referencing and Trending

The IMES offers on-line measurement of Cylinder pressure on Diesel or Gas engines up to 20 Cylinders.

Combustion pressure sensors are very accurate and designed for 16,000 operating hours.

These systems enable diagnosis of malfunctions and assist in setting and optimizing of engine parameters and balancing the engine.

Replacement Combustion sensors are available for known makes for both 2 and 4 stroke engines.

Combustion Control Module (CCM) is a smart on-line combustion signal processing module for diesel and gas engines.

Enclosed in a robust housing, the CCM functions as a Data Acquisition Unit, to acquire and process real time data from cylinder pressure sensors on engines.

The CCM captures data for online monitoring and evaluating the combustion cycle in every cylinder.

CCM also helps in cylinder balancing and to detect knock and misfire.

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