Geislinger Vibration Dampers & Couplings

Marine Power International (MPI) is an authorized Sales and Service provider for Geislinger Vibration Dampers and Couplings.

MPI provides complete Couplings & Vibration Dampers, Spare parts, and Service as per the Client’s need.

MPI also stocks some common type of Vibration Dampers & Couplings and can offer them on the exchange basis.

Engineers, who are trained at Geislinger, Austria for service, repair and reconditioning and onboard installation & commissioning of Geislinger Dampers and Couplings are available 24x7.

Reconditioning and Service jobs are carried out at MPI workshop in Sharjah, UAE.

Vibration Dampers

Mounted on the free end of the crankshaft or camshaft consists of a primary and secondary section with steel leaf springs between them.

The leaf springs bend when either of the two sections moves with respect to the other causing high-pressure engine oil to flow which effectively dampens and detunes critical resonance.


With unwavering quality, Geilslinger couplings have demonstrated their effectiveness for more than 50 years.

Comprised of steel leaf springs which transfer torque and provide elasticity, pressurized oil provides hydrodynamic damping.
Resistant to heat and oil and made using high-quality steel the coupling provides constant properties over its entire lifetime.

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